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Internet Business:  professional connectivity

For over 10 years Broadsat has been providing  comprehensive connectivity solutions for businesses of any type anywhere in the world: we design and build connections for private networks for banks, construction sites, mines, government buildings, embassies as well as medium and large sized companies. We work with a number of satellite operators to offer ad-hoc solutions for every situation. We offer our customers free consultation to design the network you need, a technical consultant who will follow your project during the deployment, and a after sales customer service tea. Broadsat is the ideal partner for your internet business!

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High-speed connections for businesses

Broadsat designs sophisticated networks for companies offering a fast and reliable internet connection:

  • Need to connect one or more offices to your head office?
  • Need to transmit a large amount of data quickly?
  • Have an alarm system but your network doesn’t provide adequate bandwidth to monitor it?
  • Need a temporary connection to cover an event?

What business are you in?

Extensive satellite coverage

We use the latest Ka, Ku band technologies to provide targeted coverage across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With over 15 years of experience in the satellite internet industry, and collaborating with leading providers, we offer you the chance to connect to internet even from the remotest places.

Internet connectivity for SCADA systems

Plants that require SCADA systems are often located in areas not covered by terrestrial services. Instead Broadsat offers satellite internet specific solutions dedicated to this business segment that include: telemetry, remote control, monitoring, data logging and video surveillance systems

Internet Backup for Business Continuity

Uninterrupted internet service without changing your operator! The inconvenience (or damage) caused by connection problems can be avoided with a satellite backup line and a backup system of internet connections.

Advanced Telecommunication Systems

Our experience in telecommunications has very solid foundations and goes beyond the resale of internet connectivity. The MBI Group provides advanced telecommunications systems in a variety of fields

  • Video contribution and web TV
  • Internet connectivity on the move
  • Tracking Systems

Contact us

Every company has specific needs. Contact us and we will be happy to find the right solution for you.

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