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Get high-speed satellite internet connection that’s both reliable and easily deployable, accessible from any location!

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Broadsat has been providing satellite connectivity services for over 20 years, all over the world. The satellite technology is incredibly advanced, improving performances and reducing costs. To date it, it is the only technology available everywhere with fiber equivalent performance and costs.


Public institutions, civil government agencies and military branch need a secure and reliable connection to the internet for the welfare or a dedicated link to your head quarter.


Wherever you need to offer your services, regardless the used technology (wifi, gsm, Iot, fiber) a reliable and correctly sized backbone network is essential.


High-speed internet for a range of accomodations and many other hospitality venues. Flexible contracts to suit the fluctuating suits the needs of your business.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Real time monitoring of remote productions plants and distribution networks is mandatory for KPI and costs control. We have a solutions for any location even in remote areas.

Construction sites

Reliable internet access at each stage of construction site lifecycle. Temporary internet connectivity available everywhere to stay up to date with progress.

Media & Broadcasting

We provide the tools to help achieve your broadcast and communication goals. Discover our Video Contribution services.

Connected in any remote location all over Europe, Africa and Middle East


Satellite Internet in Europe is used in all areas not covered by fiber but also as an internet backup line for terrestrial broadband or video contribution.

Africa & Middle East

Ensure a stable and reliable connectivity in Africa & Middle East via satellite means creating a tailor-made solution to suit your technical and budget needs.

Small and medium sized enterprises: ready to get started?

Advancements in satellite technology have significantly improved speeds in recent years: newer satellite systems offer lower latency and higher speeds. Broadsat combines the latest high-speed satellites with cutting-edge technologies to provide fast internet access to everyone, when and wherever required.


About us

Broadsat started out selling unidirectional Opensky services, designed and built by MBI. The in-depth knowledge of the satellite world it has gained over the years have helped it multiply the services it provides.

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