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Internet for the energy sector

Enabling IoT Connectivity for Power Plants

A reliable and efficient connectivity system for infrastructure and environmental monitoring


Companies involved in productions, transportation, refining and sales of oil, gas and energy use lots of complex infrastructures that need an efficient, real time and reliable monitoring system of the entire supply chain to improve operations and also for long term production analysis as well as production optimization.

Satellite connection with its extended availability and reliability allows operators to count on a stable connectivity in any place to securely retrive the important data for monitoring productions and environmental data, alleviating system downtime, keeping production over time, maintaing a safe environment and secure workplace.

Satellite connectivity can be easily integrated with landline technologies as Lte, 4G, 5G, gsm, WiFi, Lora, NB-IoT and other in many different configurations, it offers different solutions and can be used as a sole connection, as backup of other technologies or as backhaul for local gateways.

Broadsat works with system integrators and end users to enable reliable connectivity in several monitoring applications, including:

  • power quality monitoring systems

  • power consumption monitoring systems

  • transportation monitoring systems

  • environmental monitoring systems

The right connectivity to implement the Internet of Things in the renewable energy sector

Connect your power sites with our purpose-built  solutions

Available across Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Speeds up to 30Mbps

Choose the connectivity that best suits your needs

Affordable and reliable with a standard or ad hoc installation

Low cost satellite terminals


Innovative and effective end-to-end communication solutions for remote environments. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements!

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