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Internet via satellite

Short guide to start your new adventure

Enabling a satellite Internet connection requires to determine a specific equipment depending on the service to activate


To activate a satellite internet connection, you will need the following:

  1. Satellite Dish: A satellite dish is a parabolic antenna that receives signals from a satellite in orbit. It is the primary component that captures the satellite signal and sends it to the modem. The dish should be properly installed and positioned to have an unobstructed view of the satellite in the sky.
  2.  Modem: A satellite modem is a device that translates the satellite signal received by the dish into data that can be used by your computer or router. The modem typically connects to your computer or router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, allowing you to access the internet.
  3.  Service Subscription: You will need to subscribe to a satellite internet service choosing the best service in your area and select a suitable plan based on your internet needs.
  4. Account and Activation: Once you have subscribed to a satellite internet service, Broadsat will activate your account and provide any necessary information you require, such as the modem’s unique identifier or activation code.



Equipment that we recommend

The specific requirements and equipment may vary depending on the satellite and the type of satellite internet service you choose.

If you don’t already have an hardware you might need to buy one, you can asked us to provide you a quotation using the contact form.

If you have a different technology please contact us and we will find the best solution for your equipment.

Supported modem

Idirect modems

X1 X3 X5 X7 IQ3w

For services offered via APSTAR satellite. Recommended BUC 1.2m

Hughes modems

HT2010 74cm dish 2WBUC, HT2000 or HN9600

Recommended BUC 74cm 1W

Newtec modems

MDM2210 1m 2W MDM2510 1.2mt 4W SAT3100

For services offered via E70 satellite and E21 satellite.

Recommended BUC 1.2mt 4W

Satellite internet provides reliable connectivity regardless of the geographical location, bridging the digital divide.

Satellite coverages in KA, KU and C BAND

Satellite internet provides reliable connectivity regardless of the geographical location, bridging the digital divide. You already have a satellite service? Select the satellites coverture to view plans or simply renew your subscription in a few steps. Contact our customer service for help.


NEWTEC Technology


NEWTEC Technology


NEWTEC Technology


IDIRECT Technology

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