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satellite internet to boost your ADSL

Opensky: one way satellite internet

OPENSKY is a one-way satellite internet service that boosts your internet connection (ADSL, WI-FI, etc). It works in Europe, Middle east and Africa.

Do you have a slow or expensive ADSL Internet subscription? Thanks to a card installed on your PC connected to the parable, all in download traffic is routed via satellite making it faster and less expensive your navigation

Available everywhere

Thanks to satellite technology is available without any geographical limitation in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

No activation fee

The only satellite Internet that does not require any activation fee. Once installed it is already functioning.

Flexible subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions, no minimum term, you can stop it or turn it back on when you want. Try it and decide if it’s right for you!

Easy to install

It’s just a parable, a satellite modem and a PC and you will have access to all Internet services easily and quickly.

What you need 

Internet connection

It works with any connection: ADSL, WI-FI, GPRS, GMS, UMTS, LAN, VSAT, etc

DVB card

Satellite modem to be connected to the PC that can be internal (PCI) or external (USB)


Installed and positioned according to the appropriate pointing parameters, connected to the DVB card

Connection manager

A software that allow you to access to all OPENSKY™ services :  download  it here

How OPENSKY™ works?

When you surf, your browser receive content (in download traffic) and send content (upload traffic). With OPENSKY™ the content request  in download is managed via satellite, trough the dish and the DVB card that load them directly on your PC. The upload content is broadcast to on your internet non satellite line. Browsing internet  with OPENSKY™  is the same as the traditional one: you do not will feel any difference.

How it works - Opensky - BROADSAT

Where it is available?

Europe and Middle East with W3A Satellite, transponder A02
Coverage w3a Europe - Where it works - Opensky - BROADSAT
Technical specifications
Satellite W3A Http proxy8.opensky.net, porta 8080
Transponder A02 Https proxy8.opensky.net, porta 8080
Position 7° Est Socks proxy8.opensky.net porta 1080
Frequency (Ghz) 10.720 Pop proxy8.opensky.net, porta 110
Symbol Rate (Msym/s) 27.5 Imap proxy8.opensky.net, porta 143
Polarization Vertical Pops proxy8.opensky.net, porta 995
FEC 3/4 Imaps proxy7.opensky.net porta 993


Parameters for using OPENSKY™ services with OS Direct Access:

OS Direct Access osda.opensky.net
SMTP Server mail.opensky.net

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