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Internet everywhere



Smart-IoT is a satellite gateway

designed specifically for your Internet of Things


It’s compatible with numerous protocols, and can serve hundreds of sensor nodes to ensure a robust and reliable internet service for concentrator/gateway/backhaul.

Smart-IoT ensures you can access your data from every location

Smart-IoT is designed to be installed in environments without basic infrastructure such as electricity, telephone network and internet connectivity.


Smart-IoT ensures you can access data sent from your sensor nodes whenever you want

Downtime doesn’t exist with satellite connectivity OR is an unknown concept with satellite connectivity. The data cloud ensures your data is backed up and can be accessed securely, and without discontinuities.

The Smart-IoT ecosystem

Ecosistema Smart - IoT - Satellite gateway - Internet of things - Broadsat

What you can configure

  • energy independence, with the use of solar panels and a battery
  • interfacing to sensors via wifi, LoRa, bluetooth, zigbee
  • data cloud (api, push)

What we can offer

  • all-inclusive rental + any necessary recharging
  • unlimited number of sensors
  • minimum 3 year contract
  • activation
Smart - IoT - Satellite gateway - Internet of things - Broadsat

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