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Vehicle Tracking System

GPS tracker for fleet management

The satellite tracking system designed to help you carefully control your fleet.

Access to the management software via WEB, constantly updated and accessible via password from any computer (smartphone or tablet) connected to the internet

Map of fleet positions updated in real time, satellite view and Street View


Record of the position of the vehicle showing details of the speed, distance travelled, time of journey and vehicle stops.

SOS button to request help from the vehicle

Localizzatore GPS - Tracking system - Internet business - BROADSAT

All inclusive: no need to buy hardware, pay for traffic or install software

In other words no investment and no hidden costs

With an all-inclusive monthly fee you will receive a GPS locator (to rent), a free Data SIM  and unlimited access to a website via computer, smartphone or tablet. No restrictions, activate the service whenever you want, no purchase contract and no cancellation fee. Just get in touchTo stop the service, simply return the GPS trackers you are renting. Once enabled, the satellite trackers will operate immediately and will send the location data autonomously via GPRS to our cloud .The Broadsat cloud processes the position received from the vehicle in real time, stores it and makes it immediately available to the customer on a map. The the management console of the company fleet is accessed via internet. Access is password protected via SSL certificate. The application is multiplatform, fast, and intuitive.

When you order the VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM in less than two weeks you will receive the already activated and installable devices, a username and a password to access the cloud in order  to monitor staff. A help desk and immediate support are available for troubleshooting.

Efficienza - Localizzatore GPS - Tracking system - Internet business - BROADSAT


Know where vehicles in your fleet are at any time, enhance the services you provide your customers, protect yourself from theft.

Ottimizzazione - Localizzatore GPS - Tracking system - Internet business - BROADSAT


Reduce fuel and maintenance costs, optimise the positioning of vehicles on the ground while minimising coverage costs.

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