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About us

Broadsat is a telecommunications company with a passion for satellites! In 2003 we started to provide unidirectional internet via satellite connectivity throughout Europe and the Middle East with Opensky. With the evolution of technology, our services have evolved and expanded too. Today Broadsat offers services and designs satellite high-speed satellite internet networks for the home or for business.

Broadsat - experts in satellite internet


Internet home

Imagine spending time choosing the best ADSL offer only to be told that your area isn’t covered by ADSL. Even worse discovering internet via ADSL is nowhere nearer as fast as you were promised! No need to wait for optical fiber to have high speed internet in your home. Internet via satellite is the answer!  Get speeds of up to 22 Mbps wherever you are, without the need for a landline.

Connectivity for your business

Internet can not be an obstacle and can not wait for the fiber to the your business grow. Thanks to years of collaboration with major satellite operators guarantee your business the Internet via satellite connection at high speed, secure, high-performance anywhere in Italy and abroad.


Why choose internet via satellite

Like most of the satellite broadband technology it is incredibly advanced in recent years thanks to new ways to use the frequencies used in satellite communications. Today it is therefore possible for the satellite operators to transmit about ten times more data than ever before. And the antennas can be much smaller and cheaper, as well as easier to configure. This makes the service accessible to everyone and not just to large organizations and corporations.

Wide satellite coverage

We use the latest technologies Ka, Ku band to offer a targeted reach across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With over 15 years of industry experience with satellite Internet, we offer the opportunity to develop your business even in regions with connectivity problems.

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