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Backhaul solutions

Enabling coverage wherever it is needed

Backhaul solutions

Technological advances in different sectors, such as telecommunications, allowed the world to have connectivity at all times, every day. Duet to prohibitive costs and excess time to deploy traditional backhaul networks cannot penetrate to provide the necessary coverage.
In islands, mountainous regions, remote areas as well as maritime and in flight connectivity, the only viable option is satellite backhaul.
Multi orbit constellations, LEO; MEO, GEO, and new enhanced HTS satellites enable higher throughput and lower latencies allows agile, reliable and modular connectivity to provide the access to voice and data communication to remote populations.

Satellite backhaul is the best solution to getting data to a point from which it can be distributed over a network for:

  • Broadband coverage extension
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup of terrestrial infrastructures
  • Offload of terrestrial link in peak hours
  • Video and radio broadcasting distributions


Backhaul for remote networks is critical to ensure speed and capacity as it relates to the transport of data and voice from distributed network sites to the network core

Traditionally mobile operators have not fully embraced satellite technology as a potential solution but now, thanks to a number of advancements in satellite technology, this is set to change

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